Our capabilities span the entire business and production cycle, from feasibility studies to qualification testing and post-manufacturing functional testing.

Our philosophy is to control the quality and delivery predictability of our products by performing most, if not all of the "order to remittance cycle" in house.

Our customer service group, consisting of account representatives and technical sales personnel, are in daily contact with our customer base, helping with product selection, quotations, order input, application engineering and follow-up.

All of Aerofit's machining and most of our surface finishing operations are performed in-house allowing us to maintain control of our product costs, through-put and quality. We have the capability to produce and assemble parts in a variety of materials, sizes, shapes and finishes.

This capability equals accountability, dependability, control and flight safety.


We provide individualized customer service from in-house and on-site technical support to application evaluation and product design.

Aerofit's technical capabilities in the areas of design and testing have allowed us to establish long-term working relationships with the worlds leading aerospace manufacturers in areas of design and testing. Our Engineering group is an active participant on several international standards committees including; SAE G-3/A-6, and the International Standard Organization (ISO).

The Aerofit engineering team uses computer-aided finite element analysis to optimize fitting design. Our engineering systems and procedures reduce the time and expense of designing, manufacturing, and testing prototypes. We have a fully functional Hydro-Mechanical test facility which can conduct qualification and performance testing of fittings, tube assemblies and hydraulic components. In addition to product design and development we have the capability to conduct standardized hydraulic testing, create detailed test plans, testing procedures and formal test reports specifically tailored to your application.


Our vision is to be a world class provider of specialty components and related services. Aerofit´s strategy is to sustain long term, profitable, world–wide growth by meeting customer needs through the effective application of our core capabilities.

Accredited Nadcap Fluid Distribution
Accredited Nadcap Non-Destructive Testing
Accredited Nadcap Chemical Processing