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Aerofit manufactures a diverse line of products for a variety of applications and programs. Some of these are proprietary parts, others are to industry standards. In order to navigate the intricacy of available options it is helpful to distinguish three characteristics in addition to the system operating pressure.

  1. The physical layout of the fluid system determines the configuration – or fundamental shape of the fitting – for example tees, elbows, straight fittings, bulkhead adapters.
  2. The manner of attachment of the fittings to the tube is often determined by historical considerations, each OEM traditionally having preferred method.
  3. There is also the choice of interface between separable tube end fittings (or the choice of a permanent connection). The most common are; the 37º flared tube interface is still widely used although often supplanted by the 81/2° Beam Seal in military applications and by 24º Flareless fittings in civil aerospace.
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