Couplings - CryoFit

CryoFit couplings and CryoFit Compatible fitting shapes are complete systems used in joining aerospace tubing. The CryoFit fitting system combines superior performance and high reliability with easy installation and inspection. The CryoFit system consists of SMA couplings and a wide array of non SMA shape fittings (tees, elbows, crosses, etc.).

The compact, one piece CryoFit coupling is manufactured from Tinel, a nickel-titanium alloy with shape memory characteristics.

CryoFit Compatible fittings are manufactured from titanium, and in conjunction with the CryoFit coupling, they produce a complete system. An extensive selection of fittings is available for both separable and permanent connections.

CryoFit Couplings are installed by simply positioning the coupling at a tube joint or tube and CryoFit Compatible fitting leg, and allowing the coupling to warm from its cryogenic storage temperature. As it warms, the coupling shrinks and crimps down on the tube or compatible fitting with tremendous radial force, forming a permanent, metal to metal seal by coining the surface of the tube.

CryoFit couplings are easier and less costly to install than traditional joining methods such as welding, brazing and swaging. Installation of a CryoFit coupling can be easily achieved in densely packed, tight access areas due to the unique tool less package. The package allows for simple installation in any area accessible by the installer’s fingers. Preparation, installation, and inspection of a CryoFit joint takes only seconds, reducing overall installation costs.

The shape memory capability of Tinel ensures that the couplings always shrink with the same force, making consistent, repeatable connections. CryoFit fitting systems meet or exceed high performance aircraft fitting requirements, including AS85421, AS85720, AS18280, ISO7169 and OEM specifications.

The accuracy of a CryoFit installation is easily verified. A quick visual inspection ensures that the couplings have been properly positioned.

The CryoFit fitting systems have an outstanding record of over 39 years of leak free performance in the demanding aerospace industry. Their permanent, live crimp action creates a metal to metal seal that is often stronger than the tubing it joins.

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