SMA Fitting System Benefits

Aerofit, Inc.’s SMA fitting system is an excellent example of a product that helps customers dramatically reduce traditional assembly process costs and offers many advantages such as:

  1. No expensive tooling
  2. Limited access capability
  3. No leaks
  4. Light weight
  5. Visual inspection
  6. Quick & easy installation
  7. Technical support
  8. No hot work or flushing
  9. No X-ray
  1. No expensive tooling - Since installation tools are not required, SMA fittings can be installed with equal ease on or off an aircraft, producing separable or permanent joints of the highest quality and reliability.

    In comparison with alternative methods, process throughput increases have been demonstrated without any additional investment in manpower or capital. Dramatic reductions in production flow time, manufacturing labor and required skill level are achievable.
  2. Limited access capability - Installation of a the SMA Fitting System can be easily achieved in densely packed, tight access areas due to the unique toolless package. The installer needs only his/her hand, which allows for simple installation in any area accessible by the installer’s fingers.
  3. No leaks – The SMA Fitting System’s product lines are tailored to the demanding performance requirements of the aerospace industry. It has been thoroughly tested and approved and meets or exceeds high-performance aircraft fitting requirements, including AS18280, AS85421, AS85720, and major OEM specifications. The CryoFit coupling is rated up to 5000 PSI working pressure, and provides a highly reliable metal to metal connection that is both leak proof and permanent.
  4. Light weight – Since no bulky tooling is required designers can eliminate the need for “tool access” bends.

    The SMA system can be installed adjacent to bends because no tool envelope spacing is required allowing the designer to reduce tube length and system weight.

    As a reference the CryoFlare and CryOlive end fittings are about 10% lighter than a comparable welded on fitting.
  5. Visual Inspection – Preparation, installation, and inspection of a SMA joint takes only seconds, reducing overall installation costs and producing a superior joint. Dissimilar pipe and tube materials may be connected to each other, since Tinel does not support galvanic corrosion. Additionally, tubes with different wall thicknesses can be connected.
  6. Quick & easy installation – The installation of an SMA fitting takes about 5 seconds. Operators with minimal training easily install SMA fittings, producing consistent results. No bulky swaging tools or welding equipment are required. The entire pipe or tube preparation, installation and inspection of a joint takes only minutes and is a fraction of the time required for welding or brazing.
  7. Technical Support – Requests for quotes or general pricing information are handled quickly. Aerofit, Inc. encourages customers to call for answers to technical questions on applications, installation and product design. Prompt response to these inquiries is aimed at the most proficient and cost effective use of Aerofit, Inc.’s products.

    All of Aerofit, Inc.’s products are evaluated and qualified in the company’s own testing facilities and independent laboratories. Validation of product performance is proven through extensive testing of sealing integrity, flexure fatigue, impulse and burst strength. Product quality, reliability and consistency are ensured by careful control of raw materials and the use of statistical process control during machining. Aerofit, Inc. also maintains complete documentation and traceability at each step of the manufacturing process. The company is both NADCAP and AS9100 certified.
  8. No hot work or flushing – Unlike welding and brazing, SMA Fitting installation presents no danger of damage to neighboring components from flame or splatter. It produces no contaminants, so does not require fume extraction. Since it is installed directly on clean pipe or tube without contamination of the system by flux, slag or oxides, there is no need to flush the system.
  9. No X-ray - Inspecting the SMA installation simply requires verifying that the fitting lines up with the preinstallation position marks. It does not require x-ray certified inspectors or expensive equipment.
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