Separable End Fittings
- CRYOLIVE® (Flareless) and CryoFlare (Flared)

The CryOlive and CryoFlare sleeves and corresponding nuts come preasembled in a plastic installation package. This assembly has many functions. It acts as an installation tool, inspection gauge, dust cap, and protective cover for the tube end. Accurate placement of the assembly is automatically ensured and provides for correct tube position equal to that of internally swaged flareless and flared sleeves. Because the installer needs no tools, SMA fittings assemble with equal ease in the shop or on the aircraft.

At installation, this assembly is removed from liquid nitrogen, slipped onto the end of the tube, and allowed to warm from its cryogenic storage temperature. In seconds, the shape memory CryOlive (flareless) and CryoFlare (flared) end fittings shrink and crimp down on the tube with tremendous radial force, producing a leak proof metal to metal seal between the tube and sleeve. The plastic installation package acts as an installation tool, inspection gauge, dust cap and protective cover for the tube end.

The time required for both training and product installation is a small fraction of that needed for internally or externally swaged sleeves. Regardless of the installer’s skill level, installation is accomplished in a few seconds. CryOlive (flareless) and CryoFlare (flared) end fitting assemblies are installed by hand. No capital expenditure is required.

After installation, a visual inspection is all that is needed. The inspector has only to look at the end of the assembly to determine that the tube is visible in the inspection window (CryOlive) or that the tube is at the stop (CryoFlare) to determine that the installation is correct.

The CryOlive (flareless) and CryoFlare (flared) end fittings use the same shape memory technology as the CryoFit fitting system, which has a service record of more than 25 years in the aerospace industry with no reported inservice failures. During qualification, CryOlive (flareless) and CryoFlare (flared) end fittings met or exceeded the requirements in AS18280 and other demanding aircraft manufacturers’ requirements.

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